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In the factory using a lot of cutting oil, contaminated cutting oil is collected one or several places in order to separate foreign matter and metal chip from cutting oil and it is stored in the tank for the supply to facility.

In this case, the cutting oil sterilized in tank is supplied to each working place.

The artificial ozone generated by ozone generator is injected to tank directly. Therefore, the facility is proper for large-sized factory.
In several factories, central tank is not installed or can't be installed because of the problem caused by insufficient space or various types of cutting oil.

In this case, ozone sterilizer is installed by the side of each metal processing machine

Contaminated cutting oil is adsorbed by adsorption pump installed in sterilizer and then it is supplied to small-sized sterilizing chamber Adsorbed cutting oil is sprayed with ozone in sterilizing chamber.

In the facility, adsorption pump, sterilizing chamber and ozone generator operates like the facility attached to machine tool.