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Cutting oil is used for cooling down the heat generated in metal product processing and improving lubricating operation. If it is used for a long time, decay is caused by propagation of bacillus and bacteria. If bad smell is generated and cutting capacity is reduced because of decay, the machine shall be abolished.
1) Decay of cutting oil caused by microbe (bad smell).
2) Change of color caused by growth of microbe (milk-white¡æblue-grey and yellowish red)
3) Separation of oil content and reduction of anti-corrosive content (microbe grows, using anti-corrosive content as nutritive substance)
4) Others (chip removal, tank cleaning, reduction of productivity caused by deterioration, etc.)
Like the above, the microbes such as bacillus and bacteria grow, using oil content of cutting oil as nutritive substance, destroys unique content of cutting oil, generates bad smell, causes bacterial dermatitis or headache and deteriorates working environment and work efficiency. Moreover, it requires tremendous cost for waste treatment and causes increase of prime cost of product.

The cutting oil sterilization system that the company developed and registered patent for solving the problem is a mild oxygen generation system using low temperature plasma discharge generated in high frequency and low voltage. It will enable your company to achieve eco-friendly company management by sterilizing bacteria of cutting oil with powerful oxidization and deodorization, extending the lifespan of cutting oil through perfect oxidization and deodorization of the material generating bad smell, reinforcing competitiveness of company through the effect of reducing prime cost and improving productivity and reducing the amount of waste material and recycling cutting oil.
The principle to generate mild oxygen(ozone).
When electric discharge occurs in atmosphere, molecular oxygen(O2) is dissolved to atomic oxygen(O) and ozone is generated by the reaction of other molecular oxygen(O2) and atomic oxygen(O)
One of the best advantages of ozone is an outstanding oxidization of material. The oxidization capacity of ozone is about several thousand times of that of chlorine and its sterilization capacity is 3~6 times of that of chlorine. Although too surplus ozone is a little dangerous, it is clear that it is effective material in the earth.
The third atom of ozone, which is unstable because of weak unifying force, has a nature to be detached from molecular ozone so it is attached to other material and dissolves or oxidizes the material. At the same time, original molecular ozone is transferred to molecular oxygen. As blaze changes one material to other material by oxidizing organic material, ozone destroys molecule through oxidization process. It is no doubt about ozone's oxidization of organic material, purification of air and removal of bacteria, algae, fungi and bad smell. If ozone is used properly for the sterilization of water-soluble cutting oil, it will be very helpful.
1) It reduces the cost to treat waste material generated in the abolition of cutting oil.
2) It reduces the cost to purchase cutting oil after replacement.
3) It improves work efficiency and productivity by preventing bad smell.
4) It improves facility operation ratio by reducing facility shutdown for replacing cutting oil.
5) It prevents diseases caused by bacillus and virus.
6) It improves working environment by generating an anion.