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It can be used for water-soluble or water-insoluble coolant filtering of all machine tools.
It can be used in rough grinding and finishing line of all nonmagnetic machine tools.
(However, the length of chip is more than 200 mm, separate negotiation is required)
Because the filter allowing precision filtering is located at the outer circumference of revolving rotary drum, the dirty coolant induced from machine is filtered by filter. After that, clean water is sent to clean tank via the inside of drum and chip and other floating matters are discharged to external chip box by CONV' SCRAPER. In order to prevent the surface of filter from being clogged with sludge and floating matters, additionally installed washing unit performs continuous washing. Like that, clean liquid is always supplied through continual filtering and washing so filter can be maintained cleanly.
Because it has a simple structure as an integral type combining CONV' and DRUM, installation area is small and running cost is low.
In order to prevent drum filter(mesh media) from being clogged, washing unit is attached so it is possible to use filter (mesh media) for a long time.
If specially manufactured magnet plate is installed in the bottom of CONV', steel and FC chip can be filtered.
It can be adjusted from 300ℓ/min to 11,000ℓ/min.
(If several filters are used, its capacity is over 11,000ℓ/min )
COOLER, cutting oil sterilization unit, AERATION unit.
Application example 1 : When RD FILTER 1EA is used : (300ℓ/min ~ 11,000ℓ/min)
적용사례 2 : RD FILTER 병렬 사용(11,000ℓ/min ~ )